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Taiwan Officials Holding ROC Passports Rejected Entrance of UN


Currently, Taiwanese officials can enter the UN headquarters for meetings only with diplomatic credentials issued by the United States Department of State. It is said that because of Xi Jin-ping's visit to the US, the UN started to restrict the related rights of Taiwan.


New Food Safety Regulations in Taiwan: Chocolate Might Not Be Chocolate Anymore


A large variety of products are named as chocolate, but most of them consist of flavorings, food coloring and other chemical raw materials. Chocolatiers estimate that the cocoa percentage in most chocolate products in Taiwan accounts for less than 1%, meaning the majority of chocolate products need to change their names.

台灣魂 A demonstrator waves a flag during a protest which began Saturday afternoon in Taipei

Taiwanese is Rejected Visiting UN Office in Geneva


After showing her ID, Cai was rejected by the UN staff member, saying that the UN does not accept Taiwanese passports and IDs, and she cannot enter. The receptionist further stressed that Taiwan is a part of China, and required Cai to show a Chinese passport or ID.

Ma Ying-jeou 馬英九

Will Ma Push for Taiwan's Return to the UN?


This is the last year for Ma to deal with the proposal to enter the UN during his term of office. But according to sources from the Ministry of National Defense, Ma’s government will do nothing but maintain the same policy of the past seven years, and the proposal regarding returning to the UN will not be promoted.

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