third force


Who Will Step Up and Chair Taiwan's New Power Party?

New Bloom

Will the New Power Party take a step forward, or will it succumb to brewing factionalism?


How Taiwan's 'Third Force' Parties Missed a Golden Electoral Opportunity

Taiwan Insight

Third parties made breakthroughs in Taiwan's 2018 regional elections, but supporters are still left wondering what could have been.


ANALYSIS: DPP Eats Election Bitterness as Han Kuo-yu Leads KMT Revival

David Green

A catastrophic Democratic Progressive Party defeat leaves the party's strategy in pieces and paves the way for a hotly contested 2020 presidential race.

柯文哲 Ko gestures while answering a question during an interview with Reuters in Taipei

Taipei Mayor Ko Says A Definite Party Alternation in 2016


Ma's government ran the office inappropriately, which resulted in failure of democracy and accumulation of people’s complaints. This led to the outbreak of the Sunflower Movement. The difference between former president Lee Teng-hui and Ma is the latter was unable to guide the power of the people and resolve the issue.

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