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Shanghai Wonders Why Trump Victory Was Such a Shock

David Paulk

As Americans bemoan and celebrate their new commander in chief, many Chinese aren’t surprised by the outcome.


Why Shanghai’s Michelin Guide Made the Wrong Choices

Hu Yuwei

The release of the city’s first Michelin guide should be a triumph, but why have the authors ignored the opinions of local foodies?


Shanghai’s Struggle to Rehabilitate Rehab

Ni Dandan and Shi Yi

Facing a growing drug problem, city officials aim for a more progressive approach to recovery.


BREAKING: Seaplane Crashes Into Bridge in Shanghai, 5 Dead

TNL Staff

Ten people were on board the nine-seater seaplane, which crashed 10 minutes after takeoff.


Mickey Mouse with Chinese Characteristics

Shuhei Omi

Shanghai Disneyland opened today amid enthusiasm from Disney and the Chinese government, but not everyone is smiling.

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