How Shanghai Can Become a Movie-making Powerhouse Once Again

Chen Changye

A dearth of talent once cast the city into the filmmaking wilderness, but recently, the sprouts of renewed growth have appeared.


Reliance on Foreign Tech Puts Strain on China’s Genetics Market

Wu Dongping

Despite being a global leader in DNA sequencing, the country’s dependence on overseas knowledge leaves it struggling to replicate others’ success.


How Taoists Found Their Way To a Young Audience

Zhu Yiwen

A successful Shanghai-based ceremony shows that attracting adepts hinges on mixing tradition, technology and trade.


Foreign Disciples Flock to Shanghai Tattoo Master

Mark Andrews

A Shanghai studio of skin and ink is attracting a steady stream of apprentices enthralled with the owner’s signature biomechanical style.


Why Bike-Sharing in China Is a Myth

Wu Xiaobo

Sharing is the last priority of companies like Mobike and Ofo, which are driven solely by amassing vast customer deposits.


War, Detention, Revolution: Foreigner Recounts Shanghai History

Jessica Levine

Fifty-year Shanghai resident Betty Barr on living in a World War II internment camp and publishing her mother’s diary from the era.


Shanghai’s Maturing Art Market Shelters Galleries From the Storm

August Rick

Amid a global economic downturn, China’s burgeoning contemporary art scene shows confidence in local talent.


The Surprise About Shanghai’s Traffic Crackdown: It’s Working

Yan Jie

In a country where traffic laws are willfully ignored, officials in China’s most populous city have launched a dramatic campaign to improve residents’ quality of life.


Sorority Gives China's One-Child Generation a Taste of Sisterhood

Fan Yiying

An entrepreneur builds a home and haven for young, professional “leftover women” in Shanghai.


New App Rates Shanghai Citizens’ Honesty

Sarah O'Meara

Ideas for China's nationwide social credit system are rolling out in the country's biggest city.

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