China’s Soaring Covid Numbers Raise Global Fears

Deutsche Welle

Investors have welcomed China’s shift away from the zero-Covid strategy as good news for the world economy in the longer run. However, there are more immediate worries about the near-term impact of surging case numbers on trade and industry.


As Zero-Covid Protests in China Continue, a Battle Erupts Online

Voice of America

Protesters are trying to circumvent government censors who are believed to use an automated system to help block prohibited content.


Nationwide Protests in China Call For Easing Covid Curbs

Deutsche Welle

Protesters are demanding the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in Beijing and Shanghai. People also took to the streets in the northwestern Xinjiang region after deaths in an apartment fire were blamed on lockdowns.


What’s Next for China’s Economy?

Voice of America

China’s economy shrunk from April to June compared to the first three months of the year.


Shanghai Covid Lockdown Threatens New Export Delays

Deutsche Welle

Nearly a third of goods leaving the Port of Shanghai are held up due to a strict lockdown. The delays are set to exacerbate a supply chain crisis that has caused shortages and price rises across the world.


Shanghai Continues Citywide Lock-down Despite Public Outcry, Food Shortages, and Chaos

Global Voices

As the Chinese government tries to suppress the outbreak in Shanghai under zero-Covid policy, it is said that more recent deaths have been related to the lockdown than the virus.


From Nazis to Noodles: How Shanghai Welcomed WWII's Jewish Refugees

Atlas Obscura

Shanghai's Hongkou was one of the few places in the world to throw open its doors to Jews fleeing persecution in Nazi Germany.


Cities of China: Exotic, Modern, Dynamic — But Never ‘Livable’?

Harry den Hartog

Western-centric metrics focusing on the lifestyles of a wealthy global elite ignore the real reasons why people love living in cities like Shanghai.

asian grade school student solving a geometry problem on chalkboard in math class.

Chinese Cities Should Open Their Gates to the Children of Migrants

Nie Riming

It’s time we rewarded rural laborers’ contributions to their adopted cities by giving their children a proper education.


iPhone Workers Become Legendary Warriors in China's Internet Cafes

Zhong Changqian

Neighborhood gaming centers give apathetic and aimless factory workers a portal to another life.

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