Get Ready for Unification: South Korea's Looming 'Berlin Wall' Moment

'The consequences of Korean unification, while important in economic terms, can also have far-reaching consequences for the political and strategic relationships among Asian nations as well as the international order.'


Q&A: The (Re)Emergence of Taiwan Identity and Implications for Beijing

Edward White

‘If the once predominant Chinese identity can move from 53 percent to 3 percent in 30 years, who says it can’t go the other way? … This is the challenge for Beijing.’


Ex-SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane’s Foundation Could Be Conduit for PRC Political Warfare

J. Michael Cole

It seemed innocuous enough: a conference commemorating Sun Yat-sen’s 150th anniversary. But look at the sponsors from the Chinese side and things become a little more interesting.


Chinese Warns of ‘Soft’ and ‘Insidious’ Taiwan Independence Forces

J. Michael Cole

Chinese officials and academics continue to fail to understand the origins of the widespread opposition to unification in Taiwan.


Ex-Convict Calls on ‘Anti-Independence Heroes’ to Firebomb DPP HQ

J. Michael Cole

Tung Nien-tai is known to seek publicity and may be mentally unstable. Police have been alerted.

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