BREAKING: Tension Boils Over in Hong Kong; Xi Sounds Warning

Edward White

Pro-democracy activists clashed with pro-Beijing supporters in Hong Kong this morning.


'Are You Not Entertained?' Filipino Film Project Tackles Violence as Entertainment

Michael Beltran

Have we wanted this type of entertainment all along? Is our thirst for violent entertainment getting out of hand? Have we been betrayed by the television and internet media in the long run?


'Red Shirts' Violence Extends to Journalists in Malaysia


'Hands off our journalists', media organizations say after violence on the weekend.


Murder in Chapel Prompts South Korea to Rethink Chinese Tourism

Mo Tz-pin

Chinese tourism has been a boon for the South Korean economy, but a rise in violent crime has some worried.


Japan Stabbing Spree Leaves 19 Dead, 20 Seriously Wounded

Edward White

A stabbing spree near Tokyo that left 19 people dead overnight is considered “one of the worst single-perpetrator mass murders in postwar Japan.”


Burma Rocked by Anti-Muslim Protests After Arson Attacks on Mosques

Edward White

Is Myanmar’s new government 'sending the wrong signal' to violent, anti-Muslim Buddhists as religious tensions escalate?


Taiwanese Sports Dilemma: Abolish Dodge Ball for Football?


Playing dodge ball during elementary school PE class is a collective memory of Taiwanese people, but some children become human targets during the dodge ball games and has provoked heated discussions on the Internet regarding if dodge ball is a sport of fear and whether or not it’s legal bullying.

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