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China Expands Its Economic Reach Into the United States’ Backyard

East Asia Forum

Economically, China has been making inroads into South America and the Caribbean, a region where U.S. power once went unchallenged.


Japan: Public Reluctant To Defend Taiwan Should China Invade

Deutsche Welle

A new opinion poll has found that over half of the Japanese population is of the opinion that the Japan Self-Defense Forces should not become involved in fighting if China invades Taiwan.


The Philippines’ Fight for Foreign Policy Freedom

East Asia Forum

Due to China’s increasing assertiveness in the Taiwan Strait and grey-zone coercion in the West Philippine Sea, Marcos reinvigorated the Philippine alliance with the U.S. and sought a stronger strategic partnership with Japan.


US Watches With Caution as China Sends Peace Envoy to Ukraine

Voice of America

In just a few months, U.S. officials have pivoted from publicly warning Beijing not to provide material support for Russia’s war in Ukraine to acknowledging there is a role for China to play in brokering peace talks.


Experts: China Finds Threat in Latest Move by US-South Korea Alliance

Voice of America

From China’s point of view, President Yoon Suk Yeol is expanding South Korea’s military reach — or seems to be — into the Taiwan Strait, experts say.


The Two Big Flaws in Penny Wong’s Talk of Deterrence Over Taiwan

The Interpreter

It’s wishful thinking to dismiss debate on the most difficult and important foreign policy question as a “parlor game.”


US-South Korea State Visit Could Feature Quiet Talks on China

Voice of America

South Korea used to be shy to talk about Taiwan and reluctant to get involved in contentions between the U.S. and China, but experts say this might be changing.


Chinese Tech Dominance More Myth Than Reality

East Asia Forum

Less than 4% of China’s research outputs from universities have been translated into industrial innovation capabilities — much lower than in most industrial countries.


Survey: For Americans, China Is a Bigger Threat Than Russia

Timothy S. Rich

Americans view Russia more negatively than China, but consider China the bigger threat.


The US Is About to Blow up a Fake Warship in the South China Sea – But Naval Rivalry With Beijing Is Very Real and Growing

The Conversation

About one-third of the world’s shipping transits the South China Sea. In all, more than US$3.4 trillion worth of products is transported through its waters every year.

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