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Blinken Meets China’s Xi Jinping in Beijing Visit

Deutsche Welle

US officials hope Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to China will lower tensions with Beijing. In what was seen as a special gesture, announced at the last minute, the top U.S. diplomat met China’s head of state.


Netherlands Soon To Announce Controls on IT Exports to China

Voice of America

The negotiations with Washington have not been easy, said the Netherlands’ minister of economic affairs and climate.


US Shores up Indo-Pacific Allies, Partners Ahead of Blinken’s Beijing Trip

Voice of America

The busy week of diplomacy is designed to reaffirm Washington’s desire to bolster ties with allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific.


Blinken’s China Visit: Can He Avoid War Becoming a Reality?

Deutsche Welle

Antony Blinken heads to China as increasing tensions over Taiwan make the lack of communication between Washington and Beijing more dangerous than ever.


Survey Finds Concern With US-China Tensions Among Asian Countries

Voice of America

Experts say the results should serve as a reminder to Americans that there are a variety of perspectives on the U.S.-China rivalry in the Asia-Pacific region.


North Korea Increases Exports of Wigs and Fake Eyelashes, Raising Alarms in US

Voice of America

American retailers may be violating U.S. sanctions by selling wigs and false eyelashes that Chinese firms import from North Korea.


China’s Ban on Micron Chips Will Only Hurt Itself

Ian Murphy

China’s political game isn’t working out in its favor. Instead of harming Micron and influencing U.S. policy, the ban will harm Chinese buyers.


Cuban, US Governments Deny Secret Chinese Spy Base in Cuba

Deutsche Welle

The Wall Street Journal said Beijing and Havana secretly agreed on the facility, some 100 miles off Florida. The Cuban government denied the “unfounded” reports, while the White House said it wasn’t “accurate.”


US, Chinese Warships’ Near Miss in Taiwan Strait Hints at Ongoing Troubled Diplomatic Waters, Despite Chatter About Talks

The Conversation

It was the second near miss in the space of just a few weeks. In late May, a Chinese plane crossed in front of an American surveillance aircraft above the South China Sea.


Fiji Revaluating Ties With China, Main US Indo-Pacific Rival

Voice of America

“If our systems and our values differ, what cooperation can we get from them?” the Fijian Prime Minister said, referring to China.

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