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Yes, Trump is a Realist and No, This is Not Subjective

Crispin Rovere

Donald Trump is perhaps the most realist of all candidates ever to be elected President of the United States, argues Crispin Rovere.


People’s Republic of Spiritual Rednecks

Chublic Opinion

China's Internet reacts to news of the new U.S. president.


China’s WTO Compliance: The U.S. Reaction

David Shinn

China's trade record is set to go under the spotlight with President-elect Trump's promised crackdown.


The Real Trump-Putin Connection

Matthew Dal Santo

Take a deep dive into the ideologies driving two of the most powerful men in the world.


What Donald Trump means for India

Shashank Joshi

'Donald Trump is not an unknown quantity (no-one with 34,000 tweets could be described as such) but many of his views on Asia are glib, erratic, or extreme.


Trump and China: What to Expect at the Start of a New Era of Sino-U.S. Relations

Edward White

The world needs to quickly come to terms with what for many was an unimaginable reality: Trump is President-elect of the United States.


A Taiwan Defense Blueprint for the Trump Era

J. Michael Cole

J. Michael Cole's plan for Taiwan to increase its chances of surviving a possible U.S. retrenchment from Asia under President Trump.


Najib’s China Legacy: Who Will Be Next to Turn their Back on the U.S.?

James Chin

Malaysia’s scandal-plagued Prime Minister is finding old friends in Beijing after wearing out his welcome in the West. James Chin looks at whether this is a path more ASEAN countries are likely to follow.


What Can Asia Expect Under Hillary’s Presidency?

T J Pempel

Short of a zombie invasion or some equivalent deus ex machina, Hillary Clinton's presidency is all but guaranteed.

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