Taiwan Shapes Self-regulating Future for Crypto and Blockchain at BlockCity

David Green

The door remains open for Taiwan to be a global player in cryptocurrency and blockchain but wider public support may be needed if policymakers are to be convinced.


UPDATE: Taiwan Must Be Brave on Cryptocurrency Stance

David Green

Taiwan should be brave and embrace crypto development, despite the risks.


To the End of Overtime: Is 'Dispatch' the Future of Work in Taiwan?

As part-time or short-term jobs become more common, Taiwan is considering legislation to regulate non-conventional employment.


OPINION: It’s Not oBike, It’s You

Matthew Lubin

It is not only the government’s responsibility to correct residents’ behavior. It is incumbent upon all residents to take on the matter, writes Matthew Lubin.


Why China’s Attempts to Curb Air Pollution are Facing Resistance

Yuan-Ming Chiao

According to a report by Caixin earlier this month, 33 incidents of industry obstructions occurred in more than half the localities under inspection since April.

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