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US Dismisses China’s Rejection of UN Accusations of Arms Transfers to Myanmar

Voice of America

A United Nations report claims that Myanmar's military imported weapons and related material worth at least $1 billion from China and Russia since the military junta's 2021 coup.


Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Exiles Not Intimidated by China’s Arrest Warrants and Bounties

Global Voices

Hong Kong police issued arrest warrants to eight human rights advocates on exile, Ted Hui and Anna Kwok said they will continue with their advocacy work.

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Taiwan Statebuilding Party Urges Government To Raise China Travel Advisory After Expanded Anti-Espionage Law

TNL Staff

After China’s expanded anti-espionage law took effect, Taiwan Statebuilding Party chairman Wang Sing-huan urged the Mainland Affairs Council to upgrade travel advisory for for citizens traveling to China, Macau , and Hong Kong.


#Standwithbach: Support for Detained Environment Lawyer Who Is on Hunger Strike in Vietnam

Global Voices

Dang Dinh Bach might have been targeted by authorities for his work regarding a hydropower plant that displaced more than 91,000 people, supporters say.


Rights Activists Say China Neglecting North Korean Refugees

Voice of America

U.S. Congressional Executive Commission on China held a hearing Tuesday to discuss the fate of North Koreans detained by Beijing since the border between the two countries closed during the pandemic.


The Importance of Pride: Supporting LGBTQ Rights in Asia

The Interpreter

The recent Sydney WorldPride was a milestone moment in connecting a regional and global movement. However, the growing LGBTQ collective movements in Asia, do not guarantee proportionate or linear improvements in the lives of LGBTQ people in the region.


China’s Quantum Leap — Made in Germany

Deutsche Welle

Germany’s oldest university hosts many scientists conducting groundbreaking work. Little did they know how they would become entangled in China’s quantum military strategy. A DW investigation with CORRECTIV.


Japan’s Foreign Worker Program Is Ripe for Reform

East Asia Forum

The Technical Intern Training Program has been criticized internationally for potential human rights violations, and trainees are widely used to fill labor shortages rather than being provided with training opportunities.


How China Is Erasing Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Square Memories

Deutsche Welle

Authorities in Hong Kong have been actively removing books about the Tiananmen Square Massacre from library shelves to silence the past. But communities overseas are keeping the legacy alive.


If Singapore Wants to Debate the Death Penalty, Talk To Us — Not Richard Branson.

Kirsten Han

If the Singapore government really prioritized the well-being of people in Singapore, they wouldn’t be wasting time and money trying to get Richard Branson over for a “debate.”

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