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Taiwanese Election Drama Is a Subversive Hit in China

Voice of America

For some, “Wave Makers” has resonance because it was released just six months after China’s “white paper revolution” swept the country in late November and early December 2022.


OTT platforms reached 45 bil. minutes over Q4 2021

TNL Research

In the Q4 of 2021, Taiwan's total viewing minutes on the overall OTT platform reached 45 billion minutes. Youtube still has the highest viewing proportion, accounting for 63%.The share of subscription-based video platform services (SVOD) increased from 10% in the third quarter to 16% in Q4, mainly due to the growth of Netflix and the addition of Disney+. The three major platforms, Netflix, iQiyi and Disney+ , have their own strengths in the film and television content. Netflix has many exclusive Korean dramas, iQiyi has a rich selection of Chinese dramas, and Disney+ is more preferred by children.


In the Age of Digital Streaming, Will Literature Survive?

CJ Sheu

How to learn to stop worrying and love the literature of our new streaming-centric life.


Netflix Underwhelms With ‘Over the Moon’

Daphne K. Lee

Besides its Moon Festival themes and a nearly all-Asian cast of voice actors, there's not much new in Netflix's 'Over the Moon.'


6 Taiwanese Drama Series Available on Netflix Now

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan's TV dramas seem to gone through a relative dry spell. Here are some exceptions.


6 Best Taiwanese Films to Watch on Netflix During Quarantine

Daphne K. Lee

Here are our staff picks for the best Taiwanese movies available on Netflix.


Netflix to Unveil More Korean Dramas for Quarantine Entertainment

TNL Staff

Netflix will roll out more Korean drama series and films to keep people entertained during coronavirus quarantine.


What's Coming to Netflix Taiwan in October 2019

TNL Staff

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming to Netflix Taiwan in October 2019.


Netflix Series 'BoJack Horseman' Just Devoted an Episode to Vietnam


The popular animated series recently traveled to Hanoi on a roots-finding adventure.


The 10 Best Korean Movies on Netflix

Cinema Escapist

Check out Cinema Escapist's list of the ten best Korean movies on Netflix.

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