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Chinese Activist Surfaces in Taipei, Told He May Face Uphill Battle for Asylum

ZiQing Low

The Chinese activist who fled a tour group last week may face a tough time to gain asylum in Taiwan, a local NGO has warned.


Incomplete and Opaque: The Problems with China’s Porn Laws

Chu Chenge

Ill-defined standards of so-called sexual content leave legal professionals baffled.


FEATURE: Clean and Serene - The Missing Stage of Drug Rehab in Taiwan

Edward White

As Taiwan’s government tries to tackle a growing drug problem, former addicts are trying to build a bridge back to society.


Flying Blind: Mental Health Testing in Taiwan’s Courts

Edward White

With no guidelines, few rules and little experience, medical experts, academics, lawyers and judges in Taiwan are flying blind when it comes to testing criminal suspects for psychological and psychiatric issues.


Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Xia Lin Sentenced to 12 Years for ‘Fraud’

Edward White

Critics say a lengthy prison sentence given to a Chinese lawyer is ‘severe retaliation' against a human rights advocate.


U.N. Backs Singaporean Blogger as More Jail Time Looms

Edward White

The United Nations has slammed the Singaporean government as a 17-year-old blogger faces more time behind bars for 'wounding' religious feelings.


Chinese Courts and Technology: For Better or Worse

Edward White

Social media platforms, judgment databases and search engines and the introduction of live video are transforming China’s courts. But are the changes all for the better?


Is Taiwan Heading into a Legal Nightmare Over the KMT’s Assets?

Edward White

The KMT’s ill-gotten assets may be difficult to reclaim if they have changed hands over the years, a London-based lawyer says.


Fearing EU 'Red Flag', Taiwan Passes New Laws on Pelagic Fishing

Chang Shin-wei

Some Taiwanese fishermen fear that the new fines imposed for breaking the law could be ruinous for many of them.

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