UPDATE: Waking from a Nightmare, 16 Years on Death Row in Taiwan

Edward White

As a Taiwanese man wrongly held for murder readjusts to society, he has been awarded a record settlement by the courts.

A Taiwan Witch Burning

A Taiwan Witch Burning

Edward White

If it is true, Lin Yu-ru's story may go a long way in explaining how her life deteriorated to the point that she decided to kill her husband. Does it also mean that one of Taiwan’s most infamous serial killers isn’t responsible for the death of her mother and mother-in-law?


Life Sentence, Not Death Penalty, for ‘Random Killing’ in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Today's decision is significant for Taiwan where human rights groups believe defendants with mental health issues have been executed because of serious flaws in the court system.


Mental Health Issues Mishandled in 10 Death Penalty Cases in Taiwan

Edward White

Four of the cases uncovered in the report involve defendants who have been executed.


The Slow and Steady March of Justice in Cambodia

Julia Mayer

Justice for the Khmer Rouge regime’s mass atrocities is coming slowly but surely in Cambodia, Julia Mayer writes.


Questions over Execution and Mishandled Cremation in Singapore

Edward White

Reeling from what they believe was the mishandled execution and cremation of a convicted drug trafficker last week, Singaporean lawyers are now preparing themselves to fight the next round of executions.


INTERVIEW: Waking from a Nightmare, 16 Years on Death Row in Taiwan

Edward White

'I was afraid to sleep, in case I woke up back in jail.' A man wrongly convicted of kidnap and murder, speaks about his two decades on death row in Taiwan.


Canaries in the Coal Mine

Chublic Opinion

China has been in a police state of mind lately.


Retired Policeman Says Taiwan Authorities Tortured Murder Suspect into Confessing


This policeman talked to Qiu before, asking him why he confessed to the crime. Qiu said it was because the police tortured him, so he had to plead guilty first and then the court would grant him justice in the trial afterwards. However, the court never allowed him to reverse his confession.

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