The Death Penalty Makes Us Forget Our Humanity. Don’t Let It.

Kirsten Han

When fighting against the cold machinery of death, we must all the more cling on to empathy and care for one another.


Can We Expect More From Singapore’s PAP on Race?

Kirsten Han

Citizens shouldn’t be measuring our political leaders against the lowered standards that they’ve set for themselves. We should be holding them to the standards of justice and equality.


Singapore’s Government Is Not ‘Pro-Worker.’ These Charts Show How.

Roy Ngerng

Singapore is not pro-worker. If anything, it is pro-GIC and pro-Temasek Holdings, and it is pro-ministers – while workers are left to languish.


Who’s the Real Free Rider? Singapore’s Government Reserve Racket

Roy Ngerng

“You have to be able to spend what you are able to earn,” said Singapore's Prime Minister. Truly?


OPINION: Singapore's Crisis Election Is About Mudslinging, Not Real Issues

Kirsten Han

Singapore was supposed to have a public deliberation over its post-Covid-19 future. Instead the ruling party has cracked down on the opposition.

Singapore fish lion

Making a Success of Succession in Singapore

Cherian George

This is the first time in the republic’s history that there is a genuine and potentially far-reaching choice of leader, which makes it a shame that Tharman Shanmugaratnam appears to be out of the game.


Lee Kuan Yew's Legacy: Managing Succession in Singapore

Cherian George

Lee Kuan Yew's legacy pervades Singapore's politics and the minds of its citizens long after his death.


Is the First Family Finally Waking from Singapore’s Orwellian Nightmare?

Kirsten Han

Lee Hsien Loong has continued to erode civil liberties on the island. Like his father, he’s sued political opponents, journalists and dissidents. Are his siblings starting to wake up?

李顯龍 Singapore Election

Intense Election in Singapore Kicks Off

In past parliamentary elections, opposition parties have not been able to participate due to insufficient number of members and has led to the PAP winning in some constituencies because of the absence of opponents. But in the election this year, the PAP will face challenges from either oppositions parties or non-party candidates.

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