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This Taiwanese Family Is Fighting for Their Lost Ancestral Tomb

James X. Morris

Across Taiwan, burial grounds are being demolished to make way for developers. One family is putting up a fight.


'Be Patient': A House Hunting Experience in Taiwan

'My advice to buyers is don’t worry so much about the price, just find the house you like,' says a real estate agent in a city with a higher house-price-to-income ratio than London or New York.

Homeless man

Homeless Take Shelter in China’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Guo Quanzhi

As rents soar, the city’s homeless, ‘hukou’-less and house poor find refuge between the shelves of a bookstore in China.


The Politics of Chinese Real Estate Investment in Sydney

The result of our survey is that Sydneysiders have strong views about Chinese investment, despite the absence of reliable, fine-grained empirical data about their motivations and impacts.

A row of newly-constructed homes selling for over one million dollars each are pictured in the new Sydney suburb of Greenhills Beach

Australians Protesting Against Chinese Property Tycoons

Sid Weng

Chinese property tycoons have flocked to invest in Australian real estate in recent years, skyrocketing local housing prices and upsetting some Australians.

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