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UPDATE: Protests Delay Xindian Cemetery Demolition

James X. Morris

Protests helped push a decision on the demolition of greater Taipei's last flatland cemetery to a public meeting.


UPDATE: New Artifacts Found in Condemned Xindian Cemetery

James X. Morris

Xindian First Public Cemetery is the last flat-land cemetery left in the Taipei basin, but is in the process of being demolished.


FEATURE: Small Town Taiwan to Hollywood: Xiluo Theater and the Lin Family Odyssey

James Baron

An abandoned Japanese-era theater has a curious connection to the global film industry.


Why Chinese Internet is in Uproar over a Leaky Old Temple

Zhang Jizhou

News of a dilapidated Tang-era holy site sheds light on the country’s complex relationship with its cultural heritage.


Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in China

Helen Rees

At the turn of the 21st century, UNESCO launched a prestigious initiative "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity."Suddenly, China was visibly on board.


Only Sulfuric Fire Fishing Technique in the World Registered as Cultural Asset in Taiwan

Zou Chi

Sulfuric fire fishing was one of the eight must-see attractions in Jinshan in the past. The magnificent scene is now an important national treasure in the hundreds of years of the fishing industry in Taiwan.

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