Niger Coup: Military Takeover Is a Setback for Democracy and US Interests in West Africa

The Conversation

On July 26, a coup took place in Niger, resulting in the overthrow of President Mohamed Bazoum, which represents a rollback of the progress made in recent years in building democratic institutions.

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Thai Politics Moves Forward Without Move Forward

East Asia Forum

The failure of Pita Limjaroenrat to be appointed as Thailand’s prime minister, despite the success of his party Move Forward in the May 2023 general elections, highlights a generational divide in the country's politics.


As Contentious Judicial ‘Reform’ Becomes Law in Israel, Netanyahu Cements His Political Legacy

The Conversation

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s legacy will likely be marked by shifting the state’s stance rightwards, stymying a Palestinian state and increasing ties with non-democratic foreign governments.


Protests Condemn Military-Appointed Senators for Ignoring the Choice of Thai Voters

Global Voices

Protests broke out in Thailand after military-appointed senators blocked Pita Limjaroenrat, who led Move Forward Party to win landslide victory in national election, from being the next prime minister.


Is Democracy the Only Game in Town in Taiwan?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey revealed that a sizable portion of the Taiwanese public evaluated one of the authoritarian-era leaders favorably.


Even With Political Nemesis Prayuth on the Ropes, Thai Democracy Advocates Still Glum

Voice of America

Despite the suspension of the prime minister, the same authoritarian players still dominate Thai politics.


China Threatens the West’s Primacy, Not Its Democratic Systems

The Interpreter

Cold War tropes misrepresent Beijing’s challenge, and exaggerate its material and ideological power.


Chinese-Australian Cartoonist Badiucao Walks a Fine Line To Avoid Being Politically Hijacked

Global Voices

Chinese dissident cartoonist Badiucao finds it increasingly difficult to make his voice heard in Australia.


Australian Wine Is the Latest Democratic Unifier

Bryan Chou

Politicians around the world have been calling on consumers to buy a bottle of Australian wine to show support for Australia’s fight against China’s punitive sanctions.


What David Graeber Means for Hong Kong and Taiwan

Yuri Takahashi

Democracy is often assumed to be a Western idea. Not for David Graeber.

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