Taiwan's Online Tourism Marketing Spends Public Money for Nothing

Kathy Cheng

Taiwan's online tourism marketing is nothing short of a disgrace.


Why does Taiwan still Have So Much Difficulty Creating Its Own Brands?

Philip Liu

Slim margins meant that when production costs later increased and more overseas competition emerged, Taiwanese firms had little choice but to transplant their factories offshore.


Backstage With China’s Smooth-Talking Emcees

Kenrick Davis

With booming voices and winning smiles, commercial event hosts chase fame and fortune in a shrinking offline industry.


Behind the Beat in China: Indie Music, Festivals and the Performance Economy

Anthony Fung

Music sales no longer constitute the major source of revenue for musicians and record companies, particularly for indie bands. Instead, the music industry in China depends largely on live performances.


This Startup Wants You to Make Money by Advertising to Your Friends on Facebook

David Green

‘It’s like instant happiness.’ Or so says the entrepreneur behind an app that pays people to post adverts or advertise e-commerce deals on social media.


The Time is Now for Marketers to Engage with VR

David Green

Some brands appear to be at a loss for where to start with virtual reality.


Back to Basics: Why Communicating Starts with Being Human

Yee Yan Leong

'It is a good sign if companies are planning to do more to connect with customers, but when the basics are weak, everything else is secondary'


OPINION: Taiwanese Farmers Need Co-Ops, Not Brands or E-Tail

Yuan-ling Liang

Despite the good intentions behind recent efforts by young people to help Taiwanese farmers market their products, the agricultural sector faces more fundamental challenges.


Where are Taiwan’s Brands?

Matthew Fulco

Steeped in the contract-manufacturing ethos, companies still often fall short in their bid to become global brands.


Welcome to Facebook 360 Pictures

Ausra Narusyte

Social media marketing takes a sharp turn with engaging content.

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