Fearing China, Switzerland Sacrifices Scientific Ties With Taiwan


Switzerland has so far refused to strengthen scientific cooperation with Taiwan, citing respect for the One China policy and fearing economic repercussions from Beijing.


China Trying To Fight Back US Ban on Its Chip Industry

Voice of America

On Thursday, the U.S. government broadened its crackdown on China’s chip industry by adding memory chipmaker YMTC and 21 “major” Chinese players in the artificial intelligence chip sector to a Commerce Department trade blacklist.


No, Taiwan Shouldn’t Sabotage TSMC: A Response to “Broken Nest”

Timothy S. Rich

A recent paper making the rounds in policy circles advocates for Taiwan to deliberately destroy semiconductor manufacturer TSMC to deter an invasion. Here’s why that’s not a good idea.


Can Taiwan’s Silicon Shield Protect It Against China’s Aggression?

Voice of America

Taiwan’s dominance in chip-making has fueled debate over its silicon shield, but an expert says the U.S. is concerned that the shield may “have holes in it” and the technology is being used by China’s military.


Can US-China Competition Be an Impetus for Taiwan To Build a Secure and Moral Economy?

Jenny Li

Taiwan must not be preoccupied with the potential bounty to come from US-China competition, but rather concentrate on reforms that will make it resilient against the vicissitudes of world politics.


Is Taiwan’s Water Too Cheap?

TNL Staff

Currently, Taiwanese people enjoy the cheapest water in Asia, with NT$9.2 charged per unit on average.


TSMC To Boost Capital Spending To Meet Surging Demand

TNL Staff

TSMC plans to increase capital spending on developing advanced processor technologies as demand surges.


In Bid To Rely Less on US, China Firms Stockpile Taiwan Tech Hardware

Voice of America

Chinese technology firms are stockpiling semiconductors made in Taiwan, which produces some of the world's most advanced chips, in an effort to depend less on U.S. supplies


How Did TSMC Become Taiwan's Silicon Shield?

Frank Sun

One of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world is based in Taiwan. What does this mean for Taiwanese workers? And for Taiwan's geopolitical situation?


The Semiconductor Industry Is Where Politics Gets Real for Taiwan

The Interpreter

These tiny semiconductor chips, accounting for 15% of Taiwan's GDP, can profoundly change the world as the U.S. and China fight over the brains of electronics.

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