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Keelung Migrant Fishermen Form Union, Second of its Kind in Taiwan

Andi Kao

The Keelung Migrant Fishermen’s Union is the second migrant fishermen’s union to gain legal status in Taiwan, after cases of abuse against Southeast Asian migrant fishermen came to public attention.


Book Review: ‘Migrante’ Narrates the Exploitation of Taiwan’s Migrant Fishermen

Nicholas Haggerty

Joe Henley has an anthropologist’s eye for interpersonal power dynamics, documenting the mistreatment of Taiwan’s migrant fishermen in his new novel, Migrante.


The Migrant Fishermen Union on the Frontlines Against Covid-19 and Bosses

Syrena Lin

The Yilan Migrant Fishermen Union has pointed out the increased vulnerabilities that their workers face under Covid-19. But this is just their latest campaign since their establishment in 2013.


'There Is No God Here': An Excerpt From Life on Taiwan's High Seas Vessels

Li A-ming

'If all the fishermen were Taiwanese, would the conditions be any different? This a question I have thought about for a very long time.'


How Taiwan’s Seafood Sector Can Steer Toward Ethical Labor Standards

Nick Aspinwall

Simple measures can make a world of difference to the lives of thousands of workers aboard Taiwan's deep-sea fishing fleet.


Taiwan Seafood Trader FCF Faces Financial Pressure on Links to Rights Abuses

Nick Aspinwall

The market could force reluctant Taiwanese seafood traders to address concerns over complicity in human rights abuses.


Welcome to Taiwan: Beatings, Bodies Dumped at Sea and a Culture of Maritime Abuse

Nick Aspinwall

Amid the release of a Greenpeace report chronicling cases of physical abuse and financial exploitation of migrant workers in Taiwan’s fishing industry, The News Lens reveals the commonplace practice of dumping bodies of deceased migrant fishermen at sea.


Stabbed Indonesian Fisherman Thrown Overboard Taiwanese Ship Remains Missing

Nick Aspinwall

The incident highlights problems aboard Taiwan's distant water fishing vessels, which NGOs say operate in an unregulated, lawless environment.


Unreasonable Working Conditions for Migrant Fishermen in Taiwan


There are employers that take NT$ 5,000 (approximately US$ 151) each month out of the fishermen's salary as boarding and food costs. With agencies also cutting unreasonable payments, the workers are left with almost nothing.

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