Labor Standards Act


Dancing to Break the Chain: Taiwan’s Foreign Caregivers Protest Sexual Abuse, Labor Standards

Nick Aspinwall

Migrant domestic workers gathered in Taipei Main Station on Sunday afternoon to fight for recognition under the Labor Standards Act, the abolition of the brokerage system, and an end to sexual harassment


AmCham Taipei Survey Calls for Labor Flexibility, Improved Policy Coordination

David Green

AmCham members positive over future but urge more action on labor flexibility and policy coordination.


OPINION: Small Benefits Are Holding Taiwan's Workers Back

TJ Ting

Is the 'happy company' phenomenon a mask for deeper workplace dissatisfaction?


Social Workers to Feel the Brunt of Labor Act Amendments

TNL Staff

One survey indicates that most social workers in Taiwan already make less than US$1,000 per month.

Group of businessmen at meeting

Survey of Global Firms in Taiwan Blasts Labor Laws, Warns on Talent

David Green

Taiwan-based business leaders from global companies suggest the country is slipping behind in the regional race.

Week in Focus -- Joshua Wong Heads to Jail

Week in Focus: Joshua Wong Heads Back to Jail

TNL Staff

Freedom around the region defined the week as Joshua Wong again provided a focus for the decline of liberty in Hong Kong.


OPINION: Taiwan Should Abandon the Illusion of the 7-Day Week

Morley J Weston

Protests against Taiwan's labor law amendments are wide off the mark — Taiwan needs to fundamentally rethink its calendar.

Labor Protest March Taipei

Labor Law Protests Continue as Lawmakers Convene

Ting-Yu Chao

This is the latest in months of protests over the anticipated passage of revisions to a law originally intended to protect workers' rights.


Taiwan’s Gender Wage Gap is Decreasing, but Not Uniformly

Morley J Weston

It's tough to be a female artist in Taiwan, but not so bad to be a plumber.


Labor Law Protests Rock Taipei

Brian Hioe

Protests as large and aggressive have not been witnessed in Taipei since the 2014 Sunflower Movement.

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