Labor Standards Act


Taiwan Rejects Four-Day Work Week Proposal

TNL Staff

Workers in Taiwan log one of the highest working hours globally.


Equal Rights for Migrant Workers Now

Joe Henley

There are 800,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan doing the jobs locals don’t want or aspire to. They deserve equal rights.


Coronavirus Impact Prompts Illegal Unpaid Leave for Taiwanese Workers

Daphne K. Lee

Both domestic and international tour operators have allegedly put their employees on unpaid leave of absence without notifying the Department of Labor.


CONFESSION: How I Became Complicit in Overworking Taiwan's Bus Drivers

TNL Staff

Tired bus drivers are a danger to us all. Here, a middle man in the disputes between bus companies and their drivers reveals all the tricks he was forced to use to keep drivers overworked.


A Comprehensive Breakdown of Insurance Deductions from Salaries in Taiwan

New Society For Taiwan

Have you ever wondered whether you are paying the correct amount in insurance and pension contributions every month? This handy guide will help you find out.


Unprotected by Labor Standards Act, Taiwan’s Cops Work 12-Hour Shifts

Morley J Weston

Poor working conditions have taken a toll on recruiting, further compounding the problems of overworked police.

遠洋漁船 台灣

Taiwan under Pressure over Illegal Fishing, Human Rights as EU Takes Stock

David Green

A video spotlighting Taiwan's ongoing problems with illegal fishing and human rights abuses aboard its offshore vessels could not have come at a worse time.

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