Kim Jong-un


Why North Korea Is Denying Its Involvement in Russia’s War in Ukraine

The Interpreter

Pyongyang appears to be a reluctant participant in Putin’s brutal offensive in Eastern Europe.


Come What May, North Korea Perseveres

The Interpreter

No manner of sanctions appears to dent Pyongyang’s determination to remain solitary and nuclear armed.


Is South Korea Close to Officially Ending the Korean War?

Deutsche Welle

It has long been a dream of South Korean President Moon to formally end the war with the North, but analysts caution the idea may not be strategically sound or politically feasible.


Trump-Kim Summit Ends Abruptly With No Deal


The second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has ended without a deal.


As Trump & Kim Meet, the Future of the Korean Peninsula Hangs in the Balance

East Asia Forum

The second Trump-Kim summit is bound to have serious implications for the future of diplomacy on the Korean peninsula.


Donald Trump & Kim Jong-un Meet Again in Vietnam. What Comes Next?


The two leaders met briefly ahead of a scheduled day of talks over North Korea's nuclear weapons program.


4 Reasons Vietnam Is Perfect for the Second Trump-Kim Summit


Donald Trump says the second summit between he and Kim Jong-un is set to take place in Vietnam in late February.


3rd Moon-Kim Summit: No Guarantees on the Korean Peninsula

The Interpreter

It’s the first follow-up summit between North and South Korean leaders, but will it yield anything of substance?

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