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Labor Groups Rallying to Urge Presidential Candidates to Regard Labor Policies

Zou Chi

The director of the labor alliance says that no matter who wins the presidential election, the workers will continue to supervise the government and keep fighting for labor rights.

螢幕快照 2015-12-09 下午2.24.38

Migrant Workers Call for Justice in Working as Long-Term Caretakers


For both family members and foreign caretakers, they work 14 hours a day, which lasts for an average of 10 years. In a long run, this is an enormous pressure both mentally and physically. However, the government and society do not see their plight.

蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen

DPP Presidential Candidate Tsai Ing-wen Emphasizes Domestic Demand and Sports Budget


Tsai stresses that sport is an important national strategy and one of the most fundamental cores of education. It also holds high value, trains professionals and provides job opportunities.


Taipei City Will Exclude the Rich in Cash Gift for Senior Citizens

Zou Chi

The number of recipients will drop from 400,000 to 18,000 people. The government expects to save NT$ 680 million to NT$ 700 million.

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