Thailand's 'Can Do' Bar, Run by Sex Workers, Stands for Workers' Rights and Dignity

Michael Beltran

A bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand which is collectively owned by sex workers is pushing for human dignity and rights for workers throughout the country.

Gay Couple Kissing

Commercial Sex Among Chinese Men

Cai Yifeng

Contemporary China has witnessed a sexual revolution that is more open to different sexuality and has a profound impact on gay sex.


China’s Male Sex Workers Mixing Business with Pleasure

Cai Yifeng

Among the country’s ‘money boys,’ the boundary between paid hookups and genuine attraction is increasingly blurred.

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Escort ‘Scarlet Bunnie’ Sheds Light on Singapore’s Sex Trade

Edward White

'They are more concerned with making Singapore look clean; clean, as in there are no sex workers on the street, online, anywhere in sight.'


Thailand’s Pledge to Crack Down on Prostitution Sparks Concerns

Bing-sheng Lee

Thailand wants to crack down on the rampant sex industry in the country, but the potential impact on its tourism and questions over the livelihood of more than 120,000 sex workers concern critics and advocates.


2,279 People Join Crowd-funding To Save Prostitution Movement Sanctuary

Zou Chi

People have to make Wenmeng Building public and let the historic site continue to tell stories of prostitution. This is how people can face the discrediting of criminalization imposed on the sex industry by the society and eliminate the doubts and fears.

APTOPIX Indonesia Prostitution Shutdown Photo Essay

Myanmar Girls Forced To Sell Their Virginity

Sid Weng

Myanmar people believe that breaking one's virginity can prolong life and even treat AIDS, so many locals living in poverty sell their daughters' virginity to survive and there is quite a large demand for a girl's chastity.

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