Trans-Pacific Partnership


Could the US Really Re-enter the TPP?

The Conversation

The American president has spun around twice on the issue in the past two weeks.


US Chances of Rejoining the TPP Fade

Mike Callaghan

The remaining 11 members of the Trans Pacific Partnership are renegotiating a deal that leaves the US out in the cold.


For Malaysia, the Dream of TPP is Turning into a Nightmare

Jomo JS

Jomo JS argues that the original Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Agreement had little to offer Malaysia — but the absence of the US makes the agreement nonsensical.


Japan’s Ratification of the TPP

The Japan Times

Japan needs a Plan B for the likely-doomed TPP to boost its economy.


TPP Signed Amid Mass Protests in New Zealand

TNL 編輯

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been officially signed in New Zealand today, while groups of protesters gathered outside the signing venue to voice their opposition. The agreement has been contentious for several years in New Zealand, mainly because of the secrecy of the deal, lack of public consultation and fears that New Zealand's sovereignty could be diminished.

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