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comfort women


China’s Appropriation of Comfort Women Activism

East Asia Forum

Chinese authorities saw a chance to appropriate the narrative around comfort women for their own ends, showing no interest in stimulating critical reflection on the continuing abuse of women in contemporary East Asia.


CARTOON: Stretching the Truth

Stellina Chen

A viral firestorm over a Japanese man's leg movements has engulfed Taiwan.


Week in Focus: Xi Embraces Lifelong Rule

David Green

Xi Jinping presides over a potentially momentous week in history.


Lives of Resilience: Reimagining Taiwan’s Comfort Women

Keith Menconi

'The history is indeed horrific; estimates vary, but the most commonly cited figure places the total number of comfort women at 200,000.'


‘Comfort Women’ After the Fall of Korean President Park Geun-hye

Kazuhiko Togo

The demise of Park Geun-hye’s presidency since October 2016 due to the ‘Choi Soon-sil affair’ is an astonishing development in South Korean politics. Many Korea-friendly Japanese have watched it with a sense of concern, hoping that the South Korean people would find a way to overcome their present difficulties and come back to Northeast Asian politics with invigorated energy.


Keep Japan-Korea Comfort Women Deal Alive

The Japan Times

The Abe administration needs to keep in mind that, given the paralysis of the Park administration, its diplomatic measures over the dispute could inflame South Korean public opinion.

蘆葦之歌 慰安婦

Japan and South Korea to Resolve Comfort Women Issue, What About Taiwan?


The Japanese government will provide a JPY one billion (approximately US$8.3 million) fund for South Korea and both of countries agree to put the comfort woman issue to an end. But Japan has not made any statement regarding the Taiwanese comfort women.

螢幕快照 2015-12-26 下午2.00.56

JPY One Billion Fund Might Resolve Japan-South Korea Comfort Women Issue


Japanese government hopes to put an end to the comfort women issue and that South Korea will never bring up the issue again. Meanwhile, it also asked to remove the comfort women statue in front of its embassy in Seoul and to promise to stop setting up statues of comfort women in the US.

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