Sunflower Movement


Is Taiwan’s Solidarity With Ukraine Taking Root?

Bryan Chou

Since the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, crowds have gathered every day in front of the office of the de facto Russian embassy.


The Political Fallout of the KMT Chairmanship Election

Hiro Fu

Chu, a seasoned politician with a prior stint as the KMT chairman, will face the challenges of leading a fractured party, resetting cross-strait dialogue, and strategizing against the ruling DPP in the 2022 local elections.


Moving to Taiwan

Albert Wu & Michelle Kuo

Taiwan was becoming something. And I was getting left behind.


Police Violence Perpetrators ‘Not Found,’ Seven Years After the Sunflower Movement

Bryan Chou

It has been seven years since the Sunflower Movement, but nobody has taken responsibility for the excessive use of force during the attempted occupation of the Executive Yuan.


Sunflower Activists Found Guilty, Overturning Previous Ruling

New Bloom

Taiwan's High Court has found 16 Sunflower Movement protestors guilty, overturning a previous ruling.


Audrey Tang Praised for Coronavirus Prevention Tactics

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Japanese netizens are captivated by Audrey Tang, Taiwan's digital minister, and her open data approach to sharing local information on the coronavirus outbreak.


Sunflower Leader Lin Fei-fan Joins DPP as Deputy Secretary General

New Bloom

Lin Fei-fan accepted the DPP's job offer as the party's Deputy Secretary-General.


Legislature Occupation in Hong Kong Prompts Sunflower Comparison

New Bloom

Hong Kong protestors stormed the legislature, drawing similarities to Sunflower Movement.


INTERVIEW: Meredith Huang's Journey From Sunflower Activism to Political Power

Cat Thomas

Meredith Huang entered the Legislative Yuan in March 2014 as an ardent activist bearing two speakers and a microphone. Five years later, she's a NPP city councilor.


Has Taiwan's Sunflower Movement Had a Wider International Effect?

Yung Lin

Taiwan's 2014 Sunflower Movement has also influenced the country's diplomatic strategy.

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