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Minimum Wage as an Election Battle: Assessing the Claims of Hou Yu-ih and Lai Ching-te

Roy Ngerng

Comparisons show that presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih's minimum wage proposal of $33,000 would result in faster growth than under current president Tsai Ing-wen. However, it is important for voters to demand a specific timeline for this increase.


Taiwan’s New Minimum Wage Proposal Is Insufficient to Foster Economic Growth

Roy Ngerng

The Ministry of Labor has decided to increase the minimum wage in Taiwan from $26,400 to $27,470 for the future year. However, critics argue that this may not be enough to ensure a basic living standard nor foster economic growth.


Taiwan’s Stagnant Wages Has Caused Its Economy to Grow As Slowly As Other Developing Countries

Roy Ngerng

The contention of Lin Por-fong, chairperson of the Third Wednesday Club, to tie minimum wage growth to GDP growth is criticized. It is argued that Taiwan’s economy can only expand if the minimum wage is raised at a faster pace.


20 Reasons Why Hiking the Minimum Wage Is Good for Taiwan (Part 2)

Roy Ngerng

On September 8th, the Basic Wage Deliberation Committee will convene its annual meeting to review the new level of the minimum wage for the year 2024. The latter part of the article explains the fringe benefits that an increase in the minimum wage will bring to Taiwan's society.


20 Reasons Why Hiking the Minimum Wage Is Good for Taiwan (Part 1)

Roy Ngerng

Local labor groups have urged MOL to raise Taiwan’s minimum wage to no less than NT$27,600. This first part of article outlines 10 reasons why hiking the minimum wage will benefit all walks of life in Taiwan.


Malaysia Needs To Implement Multi-Year Wage Plan To Become a Leading Country in Asia

Roy Ngerng

If Malaysia wants to become one of the 30 largest economies globally, one way it can do so is to implement a seven-year plan to raise its minimum wage.

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Malaysia Does Not Need the Progressive Wage Model, It Needs To Raise Minimum Wage Faster

Roy Ngerng

Singapore’s progressive wage model only reinforces the income divide, so instead of following suit, the Malaysia’s government shall implement multi-year plan to raise the minimum wage.


Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan Will Help Thailand’s Economy Recover to Its Former Growth

Roy Ngerng

By significantly increasing Thailand’s minimum wage, the new government will revive the economy to its former growth, with surges in employment rate and purchasing power that come after.


Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan Will Enable Faster Growth of Thailand’s Domestic Economy

Roy Ngerng

Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s proposal of minimum wage increase will enable faster growth of Thailand’s domestic economy, by striking a better balance on growth between manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.


How Thailand’s Economy Will Benefit From Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan

Roy Ngerng

The proposals by the Move Forward Party and Pheu Thai will increase the minimum wage by between 33.5% and 78.0% by this year and 2027, respectively.

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