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The Problem of Taiwan’s Lost-Contact Migrant Workers’ ‘Illicit Enjoyment’

Taiwan Insight

Financially strained, migrant workers in Taiwan can turn to cheap drugs and alcohol after a day of backbreaking work.


Can Taiwanese Liquors Follow Japan's Model To Global Success?

Xiaochen Su

The success of Japanese liquors outside the country provides a useful model for Taiwanese distillers like Kavalan.


Saigon’s Craft Beer Scene Striking Balance Between Foreign Brews and Vietnamese Tastes


Since the city’s first craft beer bar opened two years ago, Saigoneers’ thirst for these new and different local brews has grown exponentially.


After Alcohol Ban, Crime Rate Rises

Devanik Saha

Nine months after liquor was banned in Bihar, India, major crimes is up 13%.

喝酒, drink

Are The Taiwanese The Worst Drinkers?


Research conducted by the medical school at Stanford University points out nearly half of the Taiwanese people have an ALDH2 deficiency, which rates highest in the world. This means they aren't able to metabolize pure alcohol (acetaldehyde) properly.

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