Shame, Pleasure and Affirmative Consent

Sandee Woodside

From Washington to Taipei, allegations of rape are kick-starting conversations about consent and feminine sexual pleasure.


Japan Plans Harsher Punishment For Rape

The Japan Times

The amendment aims to protect the victims' rights and transform people’s idea of sexual crimes in Japan.


Taiwanese Rape Victim Apologizes over Cover-Up Allegations

Olivia Yang and Mo Tz-pin

Wu Pei-yu was allegedly raped by a fellow student at Fu Jen Catholic University last year. Yesterday she issued an apology to a school dean who has been criticized for reportedly trying to cover up the case.

Pakistan Child Abuse

Pakistan's Largest Child Abuse Scandal

Sid Weng

Since 2006, over 400 child pornography movies were made. The money that was handed over reached up to 80 million rupees (approximately $ NT 24.84 million). If the money was not paid, criminals would sell the movies for merely 40 rupees (approximately $NT 12).

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