How Diplomacy Has Failed To Resolve the Kashmir Conflict?

TNL Feature

The ongoing Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India remains unresolved, primarily due to factors such as the mutual lack of trust between the two nations and the absence of international mediation on the issue.


Top China Official Visits Pakistan, Marking Economic Corridor Milestone

Voice of America

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, introduced in July 2013, aims at giving landlocked China the access to international markets through the Gwadar port, but some critics say it has contributed to Pakistan's economic troubles domestically.


China Hosts Rare Counterterrorism Talks With Iran, Pakistan

Voice of America

China has boosted economic collaboration with Iran. The countries signed a 25-year strategic partnership agreement in March 2021. However, according to Iranian officials, the document contained no specific commitments on investment or security.


‘It Feels Like It Was a Trap’: Stateless in Indian Administered Kashmir

Safina Nabi

For the past three months, Uzma Rayees has been grieving her father’s death from afar. She’s one of a group of women in Kashmir rendered stateless by accompanying a husband seeking to take up a rehabilitation program for ex-militants.


OPINION: Solution to Kashmir Conflict Lies in East Timor


The UN should look to resolve the Kashmir dispute b reviewing the example of East Timor's independence movement.


Kashmir: Independence Activists Draw Inspiration From German Reunification

Deutsche Welle

Calls for a free Kashmir are becoming louder on both sides of the divided region. Can the German reunification model be applied to the India- and Pakistan-ruled Kashmir? And what can Kashmiris learn from it?


The Intractable Conflicts Over Kashmir, Explained

The Interpreter

The Indian government has cut off telecommunications in Kashmir since August 4 with no resolution in sight. What's the story behind the lockdown?


Proposal to Export Donkey Hides From Pakistan to China Incites Outrage

Waleed Tariq

A donkey export plan drawn up as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has incensed environmentalists and animal rights advocates.


Searching for the True South Asian Origins of Biryani

Global Voices

Its true birthplace is a topic of hot debate, but everyone agrees that biryani is delicious.

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