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日本 機場 Japan Airport sign  Tokyo Narita airport

Too Many Tourists? Japan To Launch Preclearance Facilities in Taiwan

Sid Weng

With the increase of Japan’s inbound visitors, the Japanese government plans to open preclearance facilities in several countries, including Taiwan, which ranks third in the number of tourists visiting Japan.


Indonesia Grants Taiwan Visa Free Privilege


Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya says that from the tourism point of view, Taiwan is one of Indonesia's potential targets in promoting international tourism. He hopes that the number of Taiwanese tourists visiting Indonesia can reach 200 thousand people this year.

Six More Visa-free Countries for ROC Passport Holders

Shih Yuan

The places include India, Iran, Armenia, Qatar, Ivory Coast and Somalia, leading to a total amount of 148 visa-free countries for ROC passport holders.

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