birth control


Taboo and Tradition Hinder Contraception Awareness in Vietnam


With many urban Vietnamese waiting longer to get married, the country’s younger generations are recognizing the need to open up about sex education in the conservative country.


Illiterate, Married at 11, Mother at 12: Now a Leader Changing Fates

Bhanupriya Rao

Health care workers face many challenges in remote India where early marriage, frequent pregnancies, anemia, and malnutrition are major health issues for women.


Male Reluctance sees India’s Contraceptive Use Fall, Abortions Surge

Raina Paul

As many as 2,500 abortions were carried out in India every day in 2016, doubling from eight years ago.


Philippine President-Elect Takes on Catholic Church Over Birth Control

Shuhei Omi

Filipino politicians have avoided clashing with the Catholic Church in the past, but the country's president-elect doesn't seem to be too concerned.


Taiwan's Poor Concepts of Birth Control Has Led to 500,000 Abortions Annually

Zou Chi

Taiwan has about 200,000 newborns each year, but 400,000 people are taking birth control pills (RU486), which means only one-third of pregnancies happen willingly and two-thirds choose to have an abortion.

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