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China's New Female Teachers Face Gender Discrimination

Zhang Chenyi

A shortage of male applicants for teaching positions in China is leading to discrimination against their female counterparts.


Women in Power: Reflections on Gender Politics From Taipei to Lhasa

Darice D. Chang

Three prominent women speak on the problems faced by women in Tibet's government-in-exile and address the history and progress of gender equality in Taiwan.

children in classroom with pen in hand

Sugar, Spice, Flowerlike: Shanghai Girls Get Schooled in Gender

Fan Liya

Girls’ textbooks raise questions about gender roles in contemporary China.


Taiwan's Female Athletes Still Fighting Institutionalized Sexism

James Baron

'Almost 50 years after Chi Cheng was subjected to crude sexual objectification in Taiwan's media, there is little to suggest the narrative has progressed that much.'


IKEA Unveils LGBT-Friendly ‘All Homes Are Created Equal’ Ad Campaign

J. Michael Cole

Meanwhile in homophobic Russia, a gay couple is currently in the lead in a competition to select the next stars to be featured on the company's catalogue cover.


Rise in Number of 'May-December Marriages' a Sign of Gender Equality

Yuan-ling Liang

Nearly one in five new brides in Taiwan is older than her husband. Many see this new phenomenon as the result of a more open-minded society and the impact of feminism.


Gender Equality Pays in Hong Kong

Gary Lai

Given the numbers showing its correlation to economic growth, educating girls in secondary schools – and reaching full attainment – should definitely be a priority for the government.


Number of Female Legislators in Taiwan Impresses Western Officials

TNL 編輯

Taiwan has the highest ratio of female legislators elected to the legislature in Asia at 38%, which has impressed officials from western countries that have a longer history of adopting democratic political systems.

Taiwan Gay Parade

All Taiwan Municipalities To Recognize Same-Sex Relationships

TNL 編輯

Taoyuan will join the other five special municipalities in recognizing household registrations of same-sex relationships starting from March 14. The decision marks the city government’s respect for gender equality, basic human rights and same-sex relationships. Even though the registration will not be legally binding, it can be presented by gay couples as proof of a close relationship when dealing with complex legal disputes.

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