gender equality


Taiwan’s Nascent #MeToo Movement

East Asia Forum

The #MeToo movement has resulted in a substantial reform of the laws regarding sexual harassment, but cultural expectations and stigma still pose challenges for victims, particularly men and boys.


Taiwan: Sexual Misconduct Allegations Spark Law Reform

TNL Staff

The Executive Yuan proposed increasing penalties for employers who sexually harass or attack their employees.


Japanese Advertisements Aimed at Women Have a Misogyny Problem

Global Voices

Not a good look in a country that ranks 110th out of 149 nations in gender equality.


In South Korea, Corruption Knows No Gender

An online survey shows that the downfall of former South Korean President Park Geun-hye has prompted voters to more intensely scrutinize their politicians, apparently regardless of their gender.


INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwanese Parents Take More Leave Than Ever Before

If Lin

Despite a declining birthrate, recent amendments have enabled more parents than ever to spend valuable time with their children.


OPINION: Why I'm Marching for Women in Taiwan

Vanessa Wang

'A woman is not defined by society, a woman is as equal as any other gender, and that’s what it’s all about.'


Taiwan’s Gender Wage Gap is Decreasing, but Not Uniformly

Morley J Weston

It's tough to be a female artist in Taiwan, but not so bad to be a plumber.


China's New Female Teachers Face Gender Discrimination

Zhang Chenyi

A shortage of male applicants for teaching positions in China is leading to discrimination against their female counterparts.

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