Perceptions and Trust: Chinese Views of Canada and Australia Amid Geopolitical Tensions

The Interpreter

The survey reveals that in the eyes of the Chinese public, the global influence of Canada and Australia is considerably weaker than Russia, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.


The Two Big Flaws in Penny Wong’s Talk of Deterrence Over Taiwan

The Interpreter

It’s wishful thinking to dismiss debate on the most difficult and important foreign policy question as a “parlor game.”


The Sky Is No Longer the Limit: Australia and East Asia in Space

The Interpreter

East Asia offers an example of the enduring power and role of government, in which the Government-Space business relationship is well positioned to ensure the industry’s growth is sustainable, not just driven by private interests.


20 Years After the Bali Bombings, Survivors Are Still Processing a Unique Kind of Grief

The Conversation

Two decades after the bombings, which killed 202 people from more than 20 countries, grieving continues.


A Flare up in China’s Deliberate Pattern of Aggression

The Interpreter

The intercept of an Australian patrol over the South China Sea escalates a “grey zone” conflict to a dangerous level.


As the World Sanctions Russia, China Takes Note

East Asia Forum

China’s reliance on the West and its capacity to withstand sanctions will be reduced if it has more control over the financial system. While it is working towards becoming less economically dependent on the West, it is not there yet.


‘Quad’ Talks in Japan Open With Eyes on China and Ukraine

Deutsche Welle

Leaders from the U.S., Japan, India, and Australia are in Tokyo looking to bolster the Indo-Pacific group of major democratic nations. Although China is the Quad’s long term focus, Ukraine’s sure to feature on the agenda.


Australia Has a Solution to Indonesia’s Soaring Food Prices

The Interpreter

As Indonesia takes the G20 presidency solving the country’s food security crisis should be top of the agenda.


Australian Researchers Find New Species of Flying Prehistoric Reptile

Voice of America

New species of a flying prehistoric reptile found. They say it's the “closest thing we have to a real-life dragon.”

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