Park Geun-hye


Demonstrations in South Korea Calling on Park to Step Down

Brian Hioe

It is to be questioned whether Park’s Saenuri Party will be able to survive the scandal, and South Korea’s political future, not only internally but regionally, remains unknown.


Scandal Rocks Seoul

The Japan Times

'The scandal means that all of Park’s initiatives are more susceptible to criticism, and the temptation for outside powers, such as North Korea and China, to meddle in the campaign is increasing.'

South Korea Protest

80,000 South Koreans Take to the Streets Asking Park to Step Down


The police say that this might be the largest street protest in Seoul in the last seven years. The last one had 100 thousand protestors going to the streets against the import of US beef for fear of mad cow disease in 2008.


South Korea Forcing Schools to Use Government-Issued History Textbooks

Sid Weng

Opposing parties, students and scholars have criticized the government for distorting the history of South Korea, accusing the government for being against the democracy. More than 60 thousand professors disapprove the government's actions, along with dozens of university students, labor unions and religious and social movement organizations. Many citizens and student groups have taken to the streets and were driven away by the police.

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