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電腦 計算機科學 資訊工程

Chinese State-Backed Hacker Group Attacks The DPP and Taiwanese Media


FireEye's report also mentions that APT16 has not only sent phishing e-mails with the subject line, "DPP’s Contact Information Update," to Taiwanese media, but also infiltrated e-mails of the DPP staff, changing security protocols and writing messages spoofing the account holders. About 50 party staff members have been hacked.


China and the US Collaborate to Construct High-Speed Railway


Just before the visit of Chinese President Xi Jin-ping to the US, China Railway International Inc. and XpressWest Enterprises LLC announced a joint venture to construct a high-speed railway. This will be China's first high-speed rail project in the US.


Hackers Paralyze Taiwan Government Websites


Anonymous Asia started their Anonymous #OpTaiwan movement on July 31. They threaten there will be even larger-scale actions in the future.

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