Internet censorship


Internet Censorship is Part of South Korea’s Democracy Package

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

Democracy does not automatically lead to the absence of censorship. South Korea, for example, is tightening its internet freedom and censoring "harmful" content.


China's Caging of Domestic Twitterati Ominous for Overseas Users

Global Voices

One Twitter user said that using the social messaging service in China is now 'more dangerous than street demonstrations.'


CHINA: Communist Party Battles to Have Last Laugh on Web Censorship

East Asia Forum

Communist Party moves to shut down a satirical app are squeezing Chinese people's right to laugh.


China to Clamp Down on VPNs, Reinforce Great Firewall

Isaac Stone Fish

China's internet censorship is about to get a little bit heavier.


Valkyries Disconnected: Chinese Authorities Pat Down Mobile Games for Violence, Obscenity

Kenrick Davis

Ministry of Culture has 50 Chinese games in its crosshairs for content that’s 'harmful to social values.'


CARTOON: Apple 'Following the Law' in Removing VPN Apps, Says CEO

Stellina Chen

'We would obviously rather not remove the apps, but like we do in other countries, we follow the law wherever we do business,' says Tim Cook.


China Stops WeChat, Weibo Users Discussing Human Rights Crackdown

Rosemary Chen

‘This censorship is implemented in ways that are not transparent to users.’


Chinese Scientists Speak Out Against the Great Firewall (Again)

Oiwan Lam

Chinese scientists have spoken out again on how the Great Firewall is slowing down research and blocking access to critical international data, urging authorities to take action.


U.S. Universities in China Face Internet, Self-Censorship: Report

Olivia Yang

U.S. universities in China avoid sensitive topics like Tibet, Taiwan and the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

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