India's New Law to Protect Muslim Women Divides Feminist Groups

The Conversation

India passed a law criminalizing "triple talaq" — the controversial Muslim practice of instant divorce — and making it punishable with up to three years in prison. But Muslim women in the country are divided over the court ruling.


The Intractable Conflicts Over Kashmir, Explained

The Interpreter

The Indian government has cut off telecommunications in Kashmir since August 4 with no resolution in sight. What's the story behind the lockdown?


In the Silenced Kashmir, Dissidents Are Protesting With Artful Expressions

Mehk Chakraborty

Artists, poets, visual journalists are expressing their dissent and preserving Kashmir through various forms of artistic expression.


India Has Seized Kashmir, but Not the Hearts and Minds of Kashmiris


Beyond the geopolitics, it’s hard to see how India will win the hearts and minds of ordinary Kashmiris, who woke up on August 5 to find their Internet cut off.


India's Ongoing Water Crisis Impacts 600 Million People

The Interpreter

Indian cities are forced to truck in drinking water, farms are failing, and the situation grows more desperate.


Searching for the True South Asian Origins of Biryani

Global Voices

Its true birthplace is a topic of hot debate, but everyone agrees that biryani is delicious.


REVIEW: The Himalayan Arc, Journeys East of South-east

The Third Pole

Analysts, diplomats, journalists and authors give voice to a region that is growing in importance on the world stage.


Dispatch from a Taiwanese Ship Docked in East India

TNL Staff

Docking in the sub-continent can be a tiresome experience.


INDIA: Black Day Marks 25 Years After a Still Controversial Massacre on the Burmese Border

Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya

The Kuki and Naga people have been locked in conflict for decades. We spoke to Kukis as they commemorated a 1993 massacre and shared their hopes for peace and justice.


OPINION: Will the US-China Trade War Really Spur Taiwan's Companies to Leave China?

Roy C. Lee

The government is encouraging Taiwanese companies based in China to take the US-China trade war as their cue to relocate.

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