Indian Women Join a Global ‘Fourth Wave’ Feminist Movement

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Thousands of women across India are protesting the country's anti-citizenship law and gender discrimination.


Sexism in Indian Army: Top Court Ruling Shatters Glass Ceiling for Women Officers

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India's top court this week ordered the government to grant permanent commission to female officers in the army, paving the way for female army officers to be treated on par with their male colleagues.


Women and Students Are Leading India's Citizenship Protests

Shalmoli Halder

In India, women are leading protests against the government's discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act by staging indefinite sit-ins.


Asia's Richest Man, Mukesh Ambani, Takes on Amazon With New Online Marketplace

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Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's foray into Indian e-commerce with an online shopping platform called JioMart is expected to take on the likes of giants such as Amazon and Flipkart in the fast expanding sector.


India: Curfew, Internet Closures as Citizenship Protests Continue

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Indian police have imposed strict security measures amid protests over a citizenship law discriminating against Muslims. At least seven people have died so far in the ongoing unrest.


Indian Parliament Approves Citizenship Bill, Sparking Protests

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Protesters in India's ethnically diverse northern regions clashed with police, as the contentious bill passed the upper house of parliament. Muslims would be excluded from the fast-track citizenship laws.


India Parliament Passes Citizenship Amendment Bill

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For the first time, India would use religion as a legal basis for determining nationality, if the bill passes the upper house too. It's part of the Hindu nationalist strategy promoted by Narendra Modi.


India Proposes Nationwide Citizen's List, Muslims Fear Discrimination

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India has proposed creating a list of all people who legally fulfill Indian citizenship requirements. Opponents fear the list could be used to target minority groups.


OPINION: Solution to Kashmir Conflict Lies in East Timor


The UN should look to resolve the Kashmir dispute b reviewing the example of East Timor's independence movement.


Kashmir: Independence Activists Draw Inspiration From German Reunification

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Calls for a free Kashmir are becoming louder on both sides of the divided region. Can the German reunification model be applied to the India- and Pakistan-ruled Kashmir? And what can Kashmiris learn from it?

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