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China’s Likely Responses to European and Indian Warships in Sea it Calls its Own

Voice of America

In response to challenges to their claim on the disputed South China Sea, Chinese authorities may tail foreign vessels, protest verbally and target other countries one by one, analysts suggest


Covid in India: The Deep-Rooted Issues Behind the Current Crisis

The Conversation

Jingoism, overconfidence, and false reassurance from the political elite negated hard-won progress against Covid in India.


‘It Feels Like It Was a Trap’: Stateless in Indian Administered Kashmir

Safina Nabi

For the past three months, Uzma Rayees has been grieving her father’s death from afar. She’s one of a group of women in Kashmir rendered stateless by accompanying a husband seeking to take up a rehabilitation program for ex-militants.


For Better Relations with India, Taiwan Must Support Indian Students

Naina Singh

Supporting Indian students in Taiwan is key to the broader success of India-Taiwan relations and the New Southbound Policy. There is more the Taiwanese government can do.


India-China Border Disputes Persist Despite Troop Pullback

Voice of America

Analysts caution that the recent troop withdrawal represents only a start of a potentially long process as both Indian and Chinese soldiers remain massed along several other stretches of the Himalayan border.


Taiwan Deserves Better Than Modi’s Nationalism

Nicole-Ann Lobo

International solidarity is crucial in Taiwan’s struggle for autonomous recognition, but the country is unlikely to find an ally truly committed to democratic ideologies in India’s government.


China-India: Talk Is Cheap, but Never Free

The Interpreter

There are many reasons all parties should avoid a second Sino-Indian border war – the costs of conversation are only one of many factors that would delay conflict resolution.


Coronavirus: Is India About to Achieve 'Herd Immunity'?

Deutsche Welle

An official serological study reveals that nearly one-fifth of Delhi's population has possibly been infected by Covid-19. But officials are not alarmed — instead they are optimistic about the overall situation.


India Restarts Domestic Air Travel After Two Months, Amid Chaos

Deutsche Welle

The resumption of domestic flights in India was marked by chaos as several flights were canceled without passengers being warned in advance. Regional rules also complicated the resumption of travel.


Empty Gestures, Full Hospitals: India Under Covid-19 Lockdown

Nicole-Ann Lobo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invoked religious symbolism to distract from the health and economic catastrophe that awaits in India.

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