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What’s in Store for Emerging Asian Economies in 2023?

Deutsche Welle

Many economies in the region could be in for a bumpy ride next year, but some may also be set to benefit as companies diversify investments from the Chinese market.


Powerhouse: Clean Energy Transitions in the Indo-Pacific

The Interpreter

Energy security is shifting to new interdependencies based on alternate fuels and rare earths.


China, India Vie for Influence in Sri Lanka Amid Economic Turmoil

Deutsche Welle

Sri Lanka — with its strategic location at the crossroads of busy shipping routes — has become an arena of geopolitical rivalry and maritime competition between India and China.


Can India Tackle Its Population Challenge?

Deutsche Welle

Around 22% of the global workforce over the next three decades is expected to come from India. Experts say unemployment in the country will be “a huge problem” if more skilled workers are not trained.


‘Quad’ Talks in Japan Open With Eyes on China and Ukraine

Deutsche Welle

Leaders from the U.S., Japan, India, and Australia are in Tokyo looking to bolster the Indo-Pacific group of major democratic nations. Although China is the Quad’s long term focus, Ukraine’s sure to feature on the agenda.


Musk’s Twitter: Tweet Freedom for Asia?

The Interpreter

Japan is the platform’s second biggest market with around 55 million accounts, followed by India.


Ukraine War: Asian Nations Feel Economic Brunt of Conflict

Deutsche Welle

India, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asian countries are all feeling economic strain triggered by the war. India’s edible oil market and exports are suffering, while Bangladesh-Russia trade has taken a hit due to sanctions.


What the Ukraine Crisis Means for the Indo-Pacific

The Interpreter

Beijing’s support for Russia comes with downsides for the region, not least a hit to global markets.


Taiwan and India:Strategizing the Relations

India has been regarded as one of the major partner countries under Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. From the Indian perspective, prospects of India-Taiwan relations have never been better. Immense potential in these bilateral relations needs to be developed further.


Covid in Asia: The Immediate Payoff of Donating Vaccines

The Interpreter

The latest Lowy Institute Asia Power Index shows China and India received markedly less goodwill than other major donors, despite giving significant numbers of doses in total.

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