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Nepal Mulls China’s Trans-Himalayan Rail Plans

Edward White

‘We have to work in the middle of these extremes.’ What will China’s trans-Himalayan railway mean for Nepal?


Anatomy of a Political Warning

Abhijit Singh

India has refrained from publicly criticizing China for its aggressive South China Sea policy. But Indian leaders recognize the indirect threat that China poses to the international legal system, especially the prospect of a restructuring of rules to favor Beijing’s interests. 


Indian Airlines Report 122 Drunk Pilots Over 3 years

Chaitanya Mallapur

As many as 110 pilots of 122 who were suspended for alcohol consumption before takeoff were first-time violators.


The Significance of Full SCO Membership for India

Sumit Kumar

From combating extremism to securing access to large energy reserves, India hopes to play a constructive role in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

India: The Kolkata Rainbow Pride

India and Myanmar See LGBT Rights Movements Gaining Grounds

TNL 編輯

India’s Supreme Court has agreed to revisit a previous judgement that upheld a law criminalizing gay sex. The judges say that the issue is a matter of constitutional importance. In Myanmar, a LGBT rights organization also plans to propose a new anti-discrimination law.

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