What the G20 Can Do for Small Island Developing States

East Asia Forum

The G20 must prioritize sustainable debt management and funding for climate change adaptation projects to prevent a decade of lost development for the developing world.


India Protests Chinese Map Claiming Disputed Territories

Voice of America

India has lodged a strong protest with China after Beijing released a map showing disputed territory as Chinese territory.


How Diplomacy Has Failed To Resolve the Kashmir Conflict?

TNL Feature

The ongoing Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India remains unresolved, primarily due to factors such as the mutual lack of trust between the two nations and the absence of international mediation on the issue.


Taiwan To Expand Presence in India Amid Growing Economic Ties

Voice of America

The Mumbai Taipei Economic and Cultural Center, the third Taiwanese representative office in India, is expected to open next year.


Why Does India Have So Few Organ Donors?

Deutsche Welle

India has one of the world’s lowest rates of organ donation and lags far behind the rest of the globe. Experts believe that significant changes are needed to increase the donor rate in the South Asian nation.


Asian Economic Heft Keeps Russia’s Economy Afloat

East Asia Forum

Asian economies, particularly China and India, have acted as alternative destinations for Russian exports as well as new sources of imports.


How Sex Trafficking Survivors in India Find New Meaning in Life

Safina Nabi

Human trafficking is the second largest organized crime in India after drug trafficking. It’s particularly prevalent in the eastern regions of the country, which face extreme weather events like cyclones and floods.


Could Myanmar Be Implicated in Russia’s War Against Ukraine?

Voice of America

The head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence says Russia is buying weapons via third countries, and Myanmar might be one of them.


What’s in Store for Emerging Asian Economies in 2023?

Deutsche Welle

Many economies in the region could be in for a bumpy ride next year, but some may also be set to benefit as companies diversify investments from the Chinese market.


Powerhouse: Clean Energy Transitions in the Indo-Pacific

The Interpreter

Energy security is shifting to new interdependencies based on alternate fuels and rare earths.

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