Shinzo Abe


Kishida’s Biggest Problem Is Japan’s Faltering Bureaucracy

East Asia Forum

Kishida’s leadership is characterized by a respect for collaboration with the bureaucracy, making his policymaking incremental and colorless.


Japan: Ex-PM Shinzo Abe Assassin Suspect Formally Indicted

Deutsche Welle

Formal charges have been made against the suspected killer of ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The suspect was declared fit for trial after a six-month psychiatric evaluation.


Japan Steps Closer to Global Military Power

East Asia Forum

The loosening of arms exports controls and proposed increase of the national defense budget to 2% of GDP over time signal paradigmatic shifts in Japan’s security posture.


Kishida’s Difficult Year

East Asia Forum

Support for Kishida’s government has plummeted to below 30%. Next year will be no easier with local elections scheduled in April and big issues on the table such as mounting security challenges, a declining birth rate, and overcoming obstacles to economic reform.


Japan Warily Welcomes Back International Travelers

East Asia Forum

In his parliamentary speech in October, Kishida presented his plan to revive the Japanese economy, including a pledge to increase international tourist spending beyond the pre-pandemic high in 2019.


Church Drama Is a Dilemma for Kishida

East Asia Forum

Distaste for Abe and his fellow politicians’ links to the Unification Church has propelled a moral panic about controversial religious organizations in Japan, bringing to mind the media-driven alarm following the sarin gas attacks in 1995.


Though Lauded Abroad, Japan’s Abe Leaves Complicated Legacy at Home

Voice of America

Abe’s mixed legacy helps explain the public backlash against his state funeral, which is opposed by a large majority of Japanese.


Shinzo Abe’s Killing: The History of Political Violence in Japan

The Conversation

Shinzo Abe’s murder is the latest political attack in Japan, a country which has strict gun laws.


Japan Conservatives Eye Constitutional Revision After Election Win

Voice of America

Political forces supporting a constitutional revision have won two-thirds of seats in the upper house of the parliament.


Shinzo Abe: The Legacy of Japan’s Former Prime Minister

Deutsche Welle

The former prime minister has died after being shot in the city of Nara. Shinzo Abe resigned from the top post in 2020, but his legacy has had a lasting impact on everyday Japanese life and politics.

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