US Watches With Caution as China Sends Peace Envoy to Ukraine

Voice of America

In just a few months, U.S. officials have pivoted from publicly warning Beijing not to provide material support for Russia’s war in Ukraine to acknowledging there is a role for China to play in brokering peace talks.


Leaked Documents Show How Russia, China Collaborate on Censorship

Voice of America

In some of the leaked materials, Chinese officials appear to ask Russia for advice on dealing with popular dissent and regulating media.


Survey: For Americans, China Is a Bigger Threat Than Russia

Timothy S. Rich

Americans view Russia more negatively than China, but consider China the bigger threat.


Macron Backs Down on Taiwan for Beijing’s Support on Ukraine, Experts Say

Voice of America

At a news conference during a state visit in the Netherlands, Macron said France’s position on Taiwan has not changed, and Paris favors the status quo for Taiwan.


What Does China Want in Ukraine?

The Interpreter

Beijing has reservations about Putin’s war, but seeing Moscow take a beating is not in China’s interests.


Von Der Leyen To Lay Out EU’s Position on China

Deutsche Welle

Ahead of her first official visit to Beijing, the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addresses Europe’s fraught relationship with China.


Japan Feels the Pinch As Fertilizer Costs Soar Thanks to Russia’s War

The Interpreter

Russia’s war in Ukraine disrupted the flow of resources like natural gas, on which the production of chemical fertilizers relies heavily.


Xi and Putin Meeting Signals the Return of the China-Russia Axis and the Start of a Second Cold War

The Conversation

China’s and Russia’s roles have been reversed, and their ambitions restored — not in the name of communist ideology, but in light of an aggressive, militarist nationalism that animates both regimes.


China’s Speed in Selling Arms Prompt Us Partners To Buy From Beijing, Say Officials

Voice of America

Such concerns about China’s weapons sales are not new and have persisted despite Washington’s overall dominance in arms exports.


U.S. Military Presence in Taiwan and Philippines to Alter Balance of Power in the Indo-Pacific

Ian Murphy

Just as it’s helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian invasion by coordinating European allies, the U.S. is flexing both its military and diplomatic strength in the Indo-Pacific to hedge against China’s war plans.

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