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North Korea Using Ties With Russia to Boost Standing With China

Voice of America

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is strengthening his position with China through his diplomatic engagement with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the three socialist countries unite to counter the US.


Chinese, Russian Diplomats Open Talks in Moscow

Deutsche Welle

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi highlighted the “strategic cooperation” between China and Russia during talks in Moscow, emphasizing their commitment to a “multipolar world” and a “more just world order” to counter US dominance.

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UK to Label Russia’s Wagner a Terrorist Group: Reports

Deutsche Welle

The UK is reportedly planning to designate Russia’s Wagner Group as a terrorist organization, making it illegal to belong to or support the group under the UK law.


Pope Francis Kicks off First Trip to Mongolia

Deutsche Welle

Pope Francis arrived in Mongolia for his first trip to the predominantly Buddhist country, showing support for the smallest Catholic community in the world and maintaining a presence between China and Russia.

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China and Wagner in Africa: Friends or Foes?

Voice of America

As Russian military troop Wagner Group sets in and supports the local junta, China faces a complex position - their economic projects may steadily reap with Russia’s security control or become diluted in competition.

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On the 70th Anniversary of Korean Armistice: Assessing the North Korea Threat

Antonio Graceffo

North Korea poses a significant cyber threat to the United States with its espionage cyber programs and attack systems, while it also remains a potential catalyst for conflict in the world, aided by China’s powerful arms support.


Experts: China Seeks To Revive Talks With Seoul, Tokyo To Weaken Ties to US

Voice of America

China’s proposed talks with Seoul and Tokyo were motivated in part by economic difficulties it faces, particularly when they happen before the U.S.-Japan-South Korea summit.


What Beijing’s Muted Response to Wagner Mutiny Tells Us About China-Russia Relations – And What It Doesn’t

The Conversation

It’s hard to overstate how what happens in Russia has historically shaped thinking in China about their own country. But many in China may wonder how much they have in common with Russia today.


China and Indonesia’s Self-Serving Ukraine Peace Plans

East Asia Forum

Indonesia did vote on 2 March 2022 for a UN General Assembly resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But Prabowo’s recent proposal, like China’s position, fails to name the aggressor. It seeks to freeze the war, leaving Russia the option to revive its aggression.


As China Throws Support Behind Russia, Analysts See Deeper Fissures

Voice of America

Experts say the chaotic coup staged by the Wagner Group under Prigozhin could make Xi Jinping think twice about starting a war in the Taiwan Strait.

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